My Portfolio

Web Design

Social Network Analysis - Israel

Social Network Analysis - The Israel research center

Joomla/ PHP

The Bridge Website

"The Bridge" Therapy and Art Center

XHTML/ CSS/ JavaScript

Dr. Peter Goldenthal's Website

Dr. Peter Goldenthal's personal website - Psychologist, Consultant, and Author

Joomla/ PHP

Institute for Relational Psychoanalysis of Philadelphia

Institute for Relational Psychoanalysis of Philadelphia website

Joomla/ PHP

Natural Way Website

"Natural way" ancient arts center for kids and parents (in Hebrew)


Bird's Tail Tai Chi Website

"BirdsTail" Taichi Classes and Resources


"Aware Eating" Website

Family Nutrition Consultation (in Hebrew)


Musicology Department Website

The Hebrew University Musicology Department (in Hebrew)

XHTML/ CSS/ JavaScript

Interaction Design

ERGIS (Enriched Reality Geographic Information System) project included research, design, and implementation in Java, of a system that integrates Location-Based information on a mobile see-through device.

The Ants "Live Museum" project included design, research and development of an interactive exhibit of an ant colony at the Hebrew University Natural Sciences Museum.